How it Works

With TruePoint Capital
Research Alternative Investments

You have to start somewhere, and the free White Paper on our Resources page can help you learn more about alternative assets and investments. Go over to our About Us page to learn more information about TruePoint Capital

Complete the Investor Questionnaire

Once you have decided to invest with TruePoint Capital, complete our confidential Investor Questionnaire so we may learn more about you and ensure we are the perfect fit for your portfolio.

Talk with Us

Once you know that alternative investing is the best option for you, schedule an appointment to talk with a member of our team. Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

Invest with TruePoint Capital

After you have completed the Investor Questionnaire, we will contact you with the investment information. Look over our quarterly return rates on the Opportunities page.

Provide Us Feedback

Let us know any concerns or questions you may have on our Investor Relations page. We are always looking for better ways to cater to our investors and to maintain a strong relationship with our clients.