Alternative Investments:

Could They be Right for You?
1-Alternative Investments and You

As traditional markets struggle to stabilize and volatility increases, are you looking for different ways to preserve and grow your wealth? In the last few years, have you struggled just to maintain the principal of your investments? Have you considered diversification in Alternative Investments, but you are not familiar with and fully understand the benefits, uses and risks?

Many individual investors are diversifying in alternative without truly understanding the proper benefits, uses, and risks. The scope of alternative investments is broad and can range from investing in tangible assets with a low-volatility value to collectibles which can quickly fall out of favor with long term investors.

Diversifying in alternative investments can help investors truly achieve diversification because it has little correlation with the public sector market. Alternative investment should be seriously considered when seeking true diversification.

Strengthen and grow your portfolio with investments that have little correlation to the volatility of the public markets. Take advantage of investment opportunities that were previously reserved for the elite, well-connected investor by letting us make these funds available to you today. We can help you truly achieve diversification in the Alternative Investment industry. Take just a moment of your time to contact us for your qualification and your confidential private offering memorandum.

2-Better Risk-Adjusted Returns

The fundamental reason for investing in alternative assets is to improve the risk and reward characteristics of your investment portfolio. This occurs by increasing the opportunity to generate higher absolute returns while improving portfolio diversification. In the US for over 20 years the long-term returns of alternative assets have represented a premium to the performance of public equities and it is this that has spurred on the surge in alternative asset private investment funds.

Investors, tired of the usual mix of bonds, mutual funds and ETFs, are seeking out options with better returns but without the added risk.  And what these investors and HNWIs are discovering is alternative investments to replace the public markets.  Institutional investors like university endowments have long included alternatives; including real estate, public equities and commodities, in healthy proportions to achieve above-market returns. Alternative assets are not correlated to the stock market, offer diversification and potentially higher returns when compared to mutual funds, stocks and bonds.  In fact, alternatives have historically provided higher returns at lower risk.

3-Investing in Main Street vs. On Wall Street

Let’s be honest.

What controls the value of your investment with Wall Street?

Everything including the media, speculation, natural disasters, panic, government regulation, other markets, failing governments… I could go on and on. By being heavily vested in Wall Street, you are allowing many things to affect the value of your wealth.

You have bought and own mainstream Wall Street investments and you have experienced how worldwide events can control those values. We find localized investments tailored for you and your portfolio. Investments where the value is generally less volatile and less subject to those same external influences that you have experienced with your Wall Street investments. With us, we begin our search for these hard to locate values by looking at the tangible assets and/or the profits of a company to help ensure the following parameters are met for you:

  • Low Volatility:  Slower Cycle and Fewer High & Lows.
  • Low-Correlation Value: Have little correlation to Wall Street equities or bonds.
  • Lucrative: Availability is Limited.

It’s normally reserved for savvy, well-connected investors. You would only hear them discussed within the close network of friends or business associates because they are lucrative. The availability of opportunities in local investments is just not as abundant as the shares exchanged on Wall Street. Through our extensive network TruePoint Cap has access to a broad scope of local investments.

If you would like to learn more regarding local investment opportunities, contact our office to learn more.

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