Competitive Advantage


Using our proprietary forecasting methodology and data analysis system, we are able to identify and evaluate the off-market opportunities that are often overlooked by both small investment groups and large institutional investors.

  • Our long-term financial advantage is derived from the collective financial capacity, which enables full acquisition of the assets without the risk and expense of leveraged buying. The established relationships of our principals with the banking industry, private equity firms, real estate groups and asset managers induce preferential transaction flow and pre-market access to buying opportunities.
  • TruePoint Capital’s proprietary data analysis methods combined with our diverse management team enable us to select key sub-markets and income producing assets to offer true diversification for your portfolio. Each private fund is supported by our teams’ long established relationships and extensive experience in these specialized asset classes.
  • These competitive advantages allow qualified investors to gain access to investment alternatives that would otherwise be difficult to acquire, or altogether unobtainable. In the past, investment into alternative funds has been reserved for the elite, well-connected investor. Our mission is to make these funds more accessible to investors who qualify.