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Have you heard about the latest, most excellent investment? Of course, you have because there’s always one being pumped by the financial press catering to an investing public plagued with a bandwagon mentality. This bandwagon mentality is what contributes to stock market volatility. Because of stock market liquidity, investors can jump out of investments just as quickly as they jumped in. If you’re one of...
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In the age of real-time news feeds, live streaming, and 280-character tweets, we as a society want our information quick and condensed. The side effect is that we tend to simplify and generalize complex issues. So when news started trickling in this summer that major real estate markets across the country saw real estate values decline from 2018, investors became concerned. If real estate values...
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The importance of a “diversified portfolio” is likely the one piece of investment advice that is most widely promulgated to the masses. Diversification means dividing your investment capital across as many potential winners and losers as possible because it’s impossible to be sure which ones will “win.” As a result, the most common thought is that we should spread our savings around in various domestic...
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Stocks or real estate? Which offers a better return? This is a hard apple to apple comparison because stocks and real estate are vastly different, but we’ll take a stab. For purposes of this exercise, we will limit our data analysis to the last 20 years. From a pure growth standpoint, some will argue that stocks offer better returns than real estate when comparing the...
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Many more opportunities are promoted to Accredited Investors. Those that qualify are not even aware of the doors this opens or how to qualify. Being an accredited investor opens up the new opportunities which are not available to the non-Accredited Investor. Here are some examples: Private placements Real estate syndications Hedge funds Venture capital funds Private equity deals Equity crowdfunding Angel investing With the ability...
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